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Grow your business with referral revenue
GetReferral is your technology company that helps to find the best partners, e-sign agreements, and build your referral network
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Why GetReferral
  • Increase your marketing channels' ROI
    Boost efficiency by the exchange of referrals you can't serve
  • Focus on clients & locations that you serve best
    Free up your agents capacity and allow them to focus only on target clients
  • Close more deals
    Leverage the fastest growing network of 60 000 top performing licensed agents in the US
Your reputation and great service for your clients is our top priority
  • Sign referral agreements 10x faster with a proprietary technology
  • Matching algorithm to provide the best-specialized service for your clients
  • 4 step verification for good reputation and high transaction performance
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  • E-sign referral agreements
  • Send & Receive up to 3 referrals
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  • Unlimited number of referrals
  • Slack and Zappier integrations
  • Custom referral agreements
  • E-sign referral agreements
  • Enterprise support
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Getreferral Team
We're a team of entrepreneurs, technologists, and a broker with 15 years of experience in real estate, who are passionate about building a real product that helps your businesses on a daily basis.
Customer Success Team
  • Bernadette Tiago
  • Ruth Ambit
Why should I use Getreferral?
Getreferral allows you to save hours in uberized process of finding the best referral partners, signing referral agreements that improves customer service and increases revenue with the clients that you can't service. Time and local expertise is important when helping your clients. Our service allows fast growing brokerages and top performing real estate agents to maximize their time while taking advantage of every good referral.
How do I make the payment?
You can subscribe with a credit card on our website that is processed via Stripe.
How does this service work ?
You can streamline the process of sending good referrals to our nationwide network of 600,000+ agents to manage on your behalf. We'll match these clients to the 3 best agents who fit their needs, handle the processing and paperwork, and help your company to manage referral fee agreements, so you can get a 25% commission fee directly from your new partners when the deal closes. Unlimited referrals and custom referral agreements are also included in the Enterprise plan.
If I still have questions?
You can contact us, our support team can answer any questions or walk you through the entire process - from opening your account to tracking your client and referrals progress. We are available Monday through Friday from 6:00am to 3:00pm Eastern Time.
We try to be friends with our clients, so we are happy to answer your questions.
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